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Anaerobic Digestion Materials

Digestate Composting

The organic waste that remains after the anaerobic digestion (AD) of organic feedstocks is called digestate. It is one of the two main products produced by AD (Biogas is the other) Digestate can be composted and is an ideal feedstock for an SG Advanced Composting™ System.


Sustainable Generation's experience has shown that Digestate needs further treatment to create a marketable product. Composting AD reduces its odors and finishes the biological process to create a final product ready for use. Our goal is to make what is right for the environment right for the economy too.

Our proven, scalable commercial digestate composting solutions, utilizing the GORE® Cover, are backed by firsthand owner-operator knowledge and the reliability of twenty years of successful application.



  • Low Energy Consumption

  • Simple To Operate

  • Effective In All Climates

  • Varied Inputs & Feedstocks

  • Automatic Moisture Management

  • Compost Quality Control

  • Reduced Treatment Costs Per Ton

Balanced Cost/Performance Ratio

  • The lowest total cost of ownership

  • Treatment costs per ton are lower compared to other systems and treatment methods (Florence KJ Study 2010)

  • Energy consumption during composting phase: 2 kWh/t Input Material


  • EPA 503 Equivalency Compliant

  • VOC reduction >95%

  • Odor reduction >90-99%

  • Stormwater Leachate Management 

  • Regulatory Compliance Management 

  • Eliminates the creation of contact or process water


  • Most Flexible Design Available

  • Small Footprint & Large Throughput

  • Scale Up From As Little As <10 TPW 

What Our Customers Are Saying...

"With disposal and transportation costs increasing with no end in sight, plus an abundance of yard debris from our community, we decided to try biosolids composting at our Wastewater Treatment Plant to reduce our costs and create a Class A product. We went with the SG Mobile® System with GORE® Covers. The ease of operation and the cost savings made this a natural fit. The final product has been a huge hit with the locals who can’t get enough of the Class A compost. We recently doubled the size of our composting operation to keep up with our increasing volumes and demand. This system is easily scalable to meet future demands."

Mike Miller, Public Works Director, City of Florence, Oregon

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