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For those that require the highest level of process control, consider the SG BUNKER® System with GORE® Covers. This Advanced Composting System achieves in-vessel performance and the highest level of process control, at a fraction of the cost of in-vessel, in-building with a biofilter, or tunnel systems.

Advantages of an ASP System with GORE® Cover in Stormwater and Leachate Management

  1. Enhanced Stormwater Control

    • The GORE® Cover's impermeability to liquid water ensures superior stormwater control compared to traditional ASP composting methods. By preventing rainwater from entering the compost piles, it reduces the risk of stormwater runoff carrying nutrients and contaminants into surrounding areas, safeguarding local surface water from pollution.

  2. Effective Leachate Separation

    • Sustainable Generation's Advanced CompostingTM Technology with GORE® Cover has the ability to collect leachate and divert it for treatment or reuse during the composting process. This feature eliminates the potential for contact between stormwater and leachate, contributing to a safer and more environmentally friendly composting process.

  3. Reduced Environmental Impact

    • With better stormwater and leachate separation, the SG/GORE® Cover system helps minimize the environmental impact of composting operations. It promotes sustainable waste management practices that protect surrounding ecosystems by preventing the escape of nutrients and contaminants.

The SG/GORE® Cover system offers advanced process control, making the systems ideal for all types of feedstock including food waste, green waste, biosolids, source-separated organics, AD Digestate, and more.

Full Support & Turnkey Solution

The Sustainable Generation (SG) team fully supports you through design, configuration, on-site support, and operational support. A quality product that meets all regulations, with a report to prove it, is all part of the SG BUNKER® System offering. With SG’s expertise and guidance, the entire process is simple, fast, economical, and efficient.

Scalable & Effective

  • Easily scalable from 10 Tons to over 500k Tons per year throughput

  • Process cycle time – up to 8 weeks

  • In-ground Aeration

  • All feedstocks

  • Effective in all climate conditions

Meet Regulations

  • Leachate collection & management

  • Moisture management

  • Meets compliance

  • Low energy requirement – can run on standard power 

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

"We had no composting experience so conducting a demonstration project with Sustainable Generation greatly enhanced our understanding of food waste composting and helped us immensely with our subsequent expansion design process. It really made a difference, during the selection process, that SG’s technology was already a proven solution for meeting VOC emission reductions for our San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District."

Jonathan Kalpakoff, VP Mid Valley Disposal

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