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This cost-effective and straightforward option stands out as the optimal choice for your demonstration or pilot project and could potentially serve as the ultimate solution for various applications, including landfill tops, small-scale systems, or community composting requirements.

We'll guide you through securing feedstocks, overseeing the composting process, ensuring regulatory compliance, and identifying end-user markets, all before committing to a full-scale system. For many, the SG MOBILE® System represents the definitive answer.

Full Support & Fast Set Up

The SG MOBILE® System with GORE® Cover is the most flexible and cost-efficient way to bring covered aerated static pile composting to your facility or community project. Using as little as 500 square feet of space, this Advanced Composting System works in all weather conditions and can be operational the same day the equipment arrives on-site. The Sustainable Generation (SG) team fully supports your team through the entire process of setup, configuration, operational support, and technical training resulting in a quality compost product that meets all regulations, with a report to prove it. There is no need to invest in costly infrastructure or find end markets without assistance. With SG’s expertise and guidance, the whole process is simple, fast, economical, and efficient – and we can help you scale up if that is what is intended to come next for you.

Flexible & Easy-To-Use

  • Modular, scalable technology capable of processing food waste, yard waste, green waste, biosolids and other organic materials 

  • Up and running the day equipment arrives on-site

  • Designed for batches starting at 10 tons, with custom sizes available to match any project

Most Popular Uses

  • Pilot/Demonstration Projects – testing performance and validating assumptions prior to building a full-scale facility

  • Sustainable community composting projects, sporting events, and festivals with high organic waste supplies

  • Top of landfill locations

Complete Demo / Pilot Project Support

  • Sustainable Generation provides the SG Mobile® system, project management support, project report and the following:

    • Mobilization, configuration, and on-going operational support

    • On-site technical support & training

Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership

  • Treatment cost per ton lower compared to other systems because of simplicity of design and operation

  • Energy consumption during composting phase: 1.5-2 kWh/t input material

  • Operates on 110/240/480 volt power

  • Solar Power (Off-Grid) Options Available

Small Footprint / Movable

  • System-use can begin on ground or any impermeable surface such as asphalt or concrete

  • Compact onsite solution using 50’ x 100’ pad

  • Easily relocated from one project site to another

Consistent High Compost Quality In Shortest Time

  • Highest quality compost meets all regulatory requirements

  • Compost contains plant available nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

"The Sustainable Generation team provided us with outstanding hands-on assistance as we learned to use their system. We retrofit our existing positive air ASP system, which used a compost cap, by upgrading to the SG Mobile® System with GORE® Cover so we could address environmental and community concerns about odors and vector control, and also so we could scale up and expand our composting operation."

Justin Green, Executive Director & Founder Big Reuse

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