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This simple, low-cost option is the best solution for your demonstration/pilot project and might be the final project solution for applications such as top of landfill, small systems, or community composting needs.

You learn to secure feedstocks, compost, comply with regulations, and find end-user markets before you invest in a full-scale system. For some, this is the final solution.

Full Support & Fast Set Up

The Sustainable Generation (SG) team fully supports you the whole way through – mobilization, configuration, on-site support, and operational support. A quality product that meets all regulations, with a report to prove it, is all part of the SG MOBILE® System offering. There is no need to invest in costly infrastructure or find end markets without assistance. With SG’s expertise and guidance, the whole process is simple, fast, economical, and efficient – and we can help you scale up if that is what is intended to come next for you.

Portable & Scalable

  • 10 tons to over 500 tons per batch

  • Process cycle time – up to 8 weeks

  • Above ground aeration

  • All organic feedstocks

  • Effective in all climate conditions

  • Multiple systems can be used together for continuous processing capacity

  • Very small footprint and mobile – yes, it can be moved!

Meet Regulations & Save Cost

  • Leachate collection & management

  • Moisture management

  • Meets compliance

  • Low energy requirement – can run on standard power 

  • Off-the-grid solar power option

What Our Customers Are Saying...

"The Sustainable Generation team provided us with outstanding hands-on assistance as we learned to use their system. We retrofit our existing positive air ASP system, which used a compost cap, by upgrading to the SG Mobile® System with GORE® Cover so we could address environmental and community concerns about odors and vector control, and also so we could scale up and expand our composting operation."

Justin Green, Executive Director & Founder Big Reuse

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