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Mitigate Climate Change through Carbon Sequestration

Advanced Composting  Technology


Covered Aerated Static Pile Composting Solutions for Every Application, Every Market

Our experienced team of developers, application engineers, compost owner-operators, and business development experts boasts over 200 years of collective expertise. Leveraging a dependable global network of supply partners and technical consultants, we ensure tailored solutions and regulatory compliance for projects of any scale and location.

Collaborating closely with your team, we customize solutions to fit your unique requirements precisely. From initial facility design and construction to ongoing management, our expert teams ensure that your composting system maximizes efficiency and effectiveness while guaranteeing long-term viability.

SG Advanced Composting™ technology incorporates the GORE® Cover, celebrated worldwide for its exceptional performance in composting food/yard waste, manure, digestate, and biosolids since its inception in 1998, with over 400 installations globally. Together with SG’s innovative approach, we can guarantee unmatched process control, minimal overall cost of ownership, and protection of water and air quality, culminating in superior stabilized compost output



Food and Yard Waste

Sustainable Generation has helped waste haulers, municipalities, project investors, and policymakers with everything needed to get started in the food waste composting business and assisted them through the design, construction, operation, compliance, and ongoing operations support and services.



Waste & Wastewater Management

Sustainable Generation has helped wastewater treatment plant operators, municipalities, and policymakers with everything needed to get started in biosolids composting. It has assisted them through the design, construction, operation, meeting compliance, and ongoing operations support and services. 


Animal Waste

Centralized Animal Feed Operations (CAFO) and farm operations both large and small

Compost can be produced from animal waste. This is especially important in agricultural areas as the EPA has identified CAFO facilities as a major point source of pollution including nutrient-loading contamination of our waterways.


Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

Household Trash & Garbage

Organic materials constitute the largest single component of municipal solid waste (MSW), with yard trimmings and food accounting for over 28% of collected household waste. Composting this organic material prevents harmful greenhouse gases from contributing to climate change.



Organic Feedstock Waste

Digestate is a nutrient-rich substance produced by anaerobic digestion that consists of leftover indigestible material and dead microorganisms. To remove the typically high ammonia concentration, and balance the nutrition portfolio for an end-use, land-application fertilizer, this material should be composted.

About Us

Sustainable Generation stands at the forefront of composting innovation and is dedicated to driving down costs, streamlining processes, and upholding rigorous environmental standards.


Our innovative Advanced Composting™ systems accelerate composting timelines while ensuring regulatory compliance through seamless tracking and reporting mechanisms.


Harnessing the power of our robust platform, clients achieve consistent, predictable, and reproducible results, mitigating regulatory risks and freeing up resources for other critical priorities.

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