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Sustainable Generation

Providing the most ADVANCED COMPOSTING™ Technology available for all feedstock types.

Sustainable Generation helps reduce the cost and complexity of composting operations while meeting environmental compliance. In successful operation globally since 1998, and with over 400 installations worldwide, our system accelerates the natural composting process and makes what is right for the environment and the economy.


The organics management industry faces many challenges – site constraints, process time, energy consumption, water management, adaptability to climate impacts, ability to control odors and GHG emissions, and community acceptance. When done properly, SG Advanced Composting Technology[TM] helps reduce these risks promoting financial stability.

Our team has extensive experience as owners and operators of organic waste processing facilities.  We understand the challenges and work with your team to design, build, and operate an effective, efficient, and affordable compost solution. 

Why Sustainable Generation?

​We have helped dozens of public and private waste services entities including waste management authorities, haulers and municipalities, project investors, engineers, consultants, and policymakers reduce the cost and complexity of composting operations by helping to:

  • Lower the total cost of ownership – lower capital costs and ongoing operational expenses

  • Manage environmental compliance

  • Reduce contaminants

  • Increase process control and productivity

  • Produce consistent/reliable high quality, high-value output

The Team

Our team encompasses a network of talented business people and recognized industry leaders who have designed, constructed, and operated advanced commercial composting facilities and retrofitted existing facilities.

  • Sustainable Generation's technology and services team and GORE® Cover partners have built a track record of success with more than 400 installations worldwide.

  • Our applications engineers, compost operators, and business development associates have over 200 years of combined experience in delivering advanced organic composting solutions along with providing project management and regulatory compliance assistance.

  • We maintain a reliable global network of supply partners and technical consultants to meet the needs of clients regardless of the project size and location.

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The GORE® Partnership

As Authorized GORE® Cover Sales and Service Provider for North America, Sustainable Generation delivers first-hand owner/operator knowledge along with the reliability of the proven GORE® Cover system. In successful operation globally since 1998, the GORE® Cover technology is the most widely distributed composting system in the world with over 350 installations processing over 3.5 million tons of organic waste annually in more than 20 countries.

What People Are Saying...


"We had no composting experience so conducting a demonstration project with Sustainable Generation greatly enhanced our understanding of food waste composting and helped us immensely with our subsequent expansion design process. It really made a difference, during the selection process, that SG’s technology was already a proven solution for meeting VOC emission reductions for our San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District."

Jonathan Kalpakoff, VP Mid Valley Disposal

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