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Our Technology

It all starts with the SG ADVANCED COMPOSTING™ Technology Platform

Sustainable Generation's ADVANCED COMPOSTING™ Technology establishes the benchmark for environmental compliance in the compost industry, particularly regarding air emissions (VOC, GHG, and odor) and stormwater management. Leveraging our robust technology platform, clients attain consistent, predictable, and reproducible outcomes, mitigating regulatory risks and allowing resources to be allocated to other critical priorities

Covered Aerated Static Piles

Covered Aerated Static Pile (CASP) composting systems offer the best solution to address the primary environmental concerns of air and water pollution - including methane mitigation. CASP is a forced air composting method that uses either positive (pushing) or negative (pulling) air movement that assists in composting, reducing the time to create a finished product.

Our positive aeration systems are also encapsulated under a GORE® Cover, using an aeration and process control system to manage the air input and oxygen levels through a plenum system underneath the pile. Since the air is handled inside a closed system and underneath the pile, the covered system can be more flexible in size and materials. The more advanced positive CASP systems use the GORE® Cover alongside temperature and oxygen sensors to finely tune the composting process for the desired quality end product. Positive CASP systems are ideal for all types of feedstock including food waste, green waste, biosolids, and source separated organics.

GORE® Cover System

The GORE® Cover is centered on membrane laminate technology similar to that of the company’s world-famous GORE-TEX® fabric used in outerwear and footwear. The microporous membrane impacts air permeability and the extraction of moisture during composting – it prevents the compost from becoming too dry or too wet. It allows for an even distribution of air, thus ensuring optimal temperatures are achieved throughout the heaps.

Official certificates and approvals have been granted to the GORE® Cover for:

  • Delivering “in-vessel” performance (without the need for a building or roofed structure) in the United States and Canada

  • Meeting strict PFRP and high-quality compost standards

  • Obtaining Animal By-Product Approval

  • Meeting strict regulatory emissions compliance standards worldwide.

How Does Sustainable Generation's
Advanced Composting   Technology
Stack Up?


Using a simple, integer-based scoring system the major composting technology choices of today are compared across three basic sets of standards that any composting technology that’s right for the environment and the economy should feature.

1 - Can Achieve
2 - Highly Likely to Achieve
3 - Definitely Achieve

SG Helps Deliver a Positive
Return on Investment (ROI)

Sustainable Generation helps you see that important decisions about facility design, environmental compliance, process control and operations must be considered over the life span of the facility in order to deliver economic sustainability. Backed by firsthand owner-operator knowledge, SG ‘s solutions provide the lowest total cost of ownership.

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