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The Backstory

Scott Woods, Sustainable Generation’s Founder and CEO, wanted to bring together what he learned from his experience as CEO of The Peninsula Compost Group with over a decade of experience applying technology to create competitive business advantages at Sun Microsystems. In essence he wanted to make what was right for the environment right for business, too.

While with The Peninsula Compost Group, the company built a state-of-the-art, large-scale organic recycling center in Wilmington, Delaware that converts 160,000 tons of food and yard waste per year into hi-value compost and soil products. Scott learned valuable lessons and created Sustainable Generation’s solutions so more businesses and communities can benefit from this know-how.


Environmental Enlightenments:

  • Environmental sustainability is a societal and business responsibility.
  • Based on Scott’s family heritage of farming (Scott grew up on a family wheat farm in North Central Montana) and his experience with commercial composting, Scott intrinsically understands composting’s value to agriculture and nature and avidly wants to help businesses and institutions – and the environment - reap the benefits.
  • Today more than 95% of the food waste in the U.S. is not recycled and ends up in landfills creating methane gas that produces greenhouse gas or is incinerated.
  • Animal waste is a major cause of the nutrient loading contamination of our waterways.
  • The urban population explosion around the world is stressing our current systems for dealing with waste, including biosolids, from wastewater treatment plants.

Business Basis:

  • Scott formed a team of the best minds from around the world – experienced engineers, technologists, designers, waste experts, composters, project/construction managers and finance experts to deliver scalable organic waste conversion solutions.
  • Used his Wilmington Organic Recycling Center knowledge and Sun Microsystems experience to create a prototype for organic recycling centers that can be scaled from very small to very large and repeated across the United States without the need to reinvent the wheel for each project.
  • Developed a solution, called a TORC™ or “Turn-key Organic Recycling Center,” that has all the know-how and technology that is being used to process millions of tons of organic waste each year and can be delivered “ready to use.”
  • Married environmental solutions with business opportunities to convert waste into a marketable, profitable resource.

Sustainable Generation’s Contributions:

  • Sustainable Generation’s solutions divert recyclable organic waste from landfills – reducing greenhouse gas emissions and extending the life of existing landfills – many of which are reaching capacity.
  • Sustainable Generation’s solutions help reduce the contamination of our waterways.
  • Sustainable Generation’s solutions turn organic waste into high-quality soil products and into renewable energy.


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